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Juni 2007

"Clown Dun Didit" #879,482  - vallak - 2006 -  Pedigree

Mor: Crewcut Clown Pedigree - APHA   -  Far: Joe Dun Didit 

Afkom 2005


Miss N Clown - APHA 848,335 - Hoppe født d. 2. april 2005

Mor: Crewcut Clown Pedigree - APHA   -  Far: Cash N Smart Pedigree AQHA

Test Requested: Tobiano 
Result: Heterozygous (nT) Positive for Tobiano gene, carries a single copy of 
Tobiano hence will pass the gene on to offspring 50% of the time when bred.
Test Requested: Lethal White Overo/Frame Overo (LWO)
Result: Negative (nn) Negative for Lethal White Overo. 
Can be considered a non-Overo horse.

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Miss N Clown 2008

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1. November 2007

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Make A Clown Pedigree 

Ejere: Paul & Catarina, Sverige

 "Clown Dun Didit"  -   Januar 2007